Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dye Test – Round 2

Winner by TKO ---- ME!

It looked like it was all over after the first round. But I battled and rallied back to a strong finish in the 2nd round! It was a miraculous recovery!
My uterus got a clean bill of health! My right tube is open! Can’t ask for better news! I guess it was worth the excruciating torture and additional $150 to make sure the surgery worked. Hopefully I will never have that done again. I love the way she says, “this may pinch a little” so nonchalantly. Prying open your cervix, sticking a huge tube into your uterus and flushing cold liquid through your entire reproductive system “may pinch a little.” Good to know.

Another bright spot of news is that she said she will track this month but she doesn’t want me to take the Clomid. Since my estradiol was so high she said Clomid probably wouldn’t work anyway. She doesn’t want to make any assessments yet based on the high number since I was on Estrogen last month to delay my cycle. So we’re going to do a natural cycle and see if I can ovulate on the right side without the help of medication. Wish my right ovary luck!

I'll keep you posted after my appt next week!

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