Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jumping on the Blogwaggon!

Infertility and the City

I decided on this name for my blog because my dear friends and I like to think of ourselves as the independent, funny, sophisticated ladies from Sex and the City. From the first episode it was obvious that I was Charlotte (loyal, hopelessly optimistic and maybe a bit prudish). I recently discovered that I have even more in common with my TV counterpart… infertility. Who knew it would be this hard to make a baby! I have always been an overachiever but this is one thing I can’t control.
I also thought it was fitting that this title leaves out the word "sex" because as anyone who has battled infertility knows.... you don't have sex anymore, you BD (baby dance or bed down, whichever sounds least clinical to you.)
I decided to start this blog to update friends and family on all of my fun infertility facts. It seems every time I go to the doctor I have a new, fun fact to research. I know that some of you may want to know what is going on but you don’t want to ask. Infertility is by the far the hardest thing I have ever been through and I hope soon I can blog about my new baby! Until then, here’s some background on our infertility journey.

5/05/07 - I married the man of my dreams. My sweet husband has been so understanding, thoughtful and comforting during all of this.

4/7/08 - Lost 1st angel baby at 7 weeks after ttc for 8 months

12/29/08 – Lost 2nd angel baby at 6 weeks after ttc for 6 months. This was a tubal pregnancy so I ended up losing my left tube.

We have been trying to conceive since July of 2007 which puts us at 1 year and 10 months as of now. My issues are that I have high anticardiolipins (blood clotting issue that will cause me to take Lovenox injections upon pregnancy), antinuclear antibodies, mild endometriosis, lupus, and I’m down to one tube. I also just had surgery to remove a polyp and reshape my misshapen uterus. I have had 4 surgeries since January of 2008!
Just this week I discovered a new glitch in my system that may mean I’m starting menopause. Say what now?!?! Menopause is for old people! My estradiol (E2) level was 166 on Day 4 of my cycle. It should be <75. That news sent me blazing to the internet because I didn’t even know what estradiol was. To my HORROR I discovered that it means my eggs may be of poor quality. I finally talked to a nurse after leaving a message and she wants to cancel this cycle and test me again on Day 3 of my next cycle to see if the number is different. She doesn’t know me very well yet! Like I’m going to cancel a cycle! Hopefully I’ll be preggo at the end of the month and I’ll just say “Oops. How could that have happened?”

Keep us in your prayers!

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