Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Holy follicles Batman!

I went to the doctor this morning to check to see if I will ovulate on my own this cycle – medicine free. All of your prayers really pumped up that right ovary because I have not one, not two but THREE mature follicles on that side! The NP said she doesn’t usually see that many on an unmedicated cycle! YAY ME! Of course there had to be a bit of bad news to go along with it. My endo lining was only 6mm when they really like it to be 8mm or above. But she said we could still do an IUI and hopefully my lining will catch up over the next few days. I was so elated by my follicle news that I didn’t even care when the new blood taker shredded my arm trying to find a vein. The NP said as long as I don’t have something bad wrong with my blood count that we can proceed with an IUI tomorrow! She gave me an HCG trigger so those eggs will release today! What if I had 3 babies?!?! Oh my!

I should get the results from blood work this afternoon.
Stay tuned….

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