Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IUI #3

First of all… I would like to wish my wonderful husband a very Happy Birthday! If today’s IUI worked then we will have conceived on his birthday!

The IUI went well. John could populate New York so I knew there wouldn’t be a problem with his sample. There’s nothing like driving in rush hour morning traffic with a cup of semen between your legs! The NP did an ultrasound after the IUI and told me one of my eggs had already dropped and the others should sometime today! Excellent! I go back on Tuesday for them to test my progesterone. I’ll find out in 2 weeks if it worked! Boo to the dreaded 2WW (that’s two week wait for you fertility virgins.)

Catch you on the flip side :)


  1. Fingers crossing...prayers being said!

  2. Hilarious! I hope Baby Z is conceived on its Daddy's birthday! :) xoxoxo

  3. Thanks guys! It's nice to know we have so many people thinking and praying for us!

  4. I still think it would be awesome if you had triplets!! How cute would they be?! Been thinking about you all day and me and Emma have been praying for you. :)


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