Friday, June 5, 2009

I’m Back and with Good News

Did I mention the emotional rollercoaster?? I had my baseline appt today. They do an ultrasound to make sure you don’t have any cysts and that you have antral follicles (early follicles). For me to be a candidate for IVF I needed at least 12 antral follicles! I had 13!! Talk about a close call! But at least I made it! Also, they did blood work. Apparently the huge note on my file that read “Hard Stick! Please request an expert!” did not get the attention of the little girl that takes blood. I reminded her that I’m a hard stick and she usually has to get someone else to do it. She said she would just try and see. Oh please do that!! I love it when someone jabs a needle in my arm and digs! It’s so much fun! She did finally get it after she called an expert for assistance. I guess I’m just going to have to keep my arm under lock and key and demand an expert next time! Anyway – I got the results a few minutes ago and……. is the anticipation killing you……. I know I’m so mean….. ok I’ll tell you….. it was normal!!!! My E2 if you recall was supposed to be <75 and it was 161 last time. This time it was 65.4! My FSH was supposed to be < 12 and it’s 10.2! So I can try a medicated cycle this time! Hopefully this means I'm not in premenopause. It may be knocking at the door but it hasn't gotten me yet!! The bit of bad news was that I had more early follicles on the left side which is my bad side. But she hopes that the medication will mature at least one on the right side too. I go back next Friday for the Letrozole challenge test. It’s sort of a stress test for the ovary. If that is normal then I should be a great candidate for IVF.
Back to John’s issues. He has a LOT of swimmers! So even though he had a low % of excellent candidates when you multiply that by the crazy number he produces then he’s still pretty good. He’s more about quantity than quality! So if I can get my right side to ovulate then we may try one more IUI before moving on to IVF. That’s a big IF though. If she recommends that we go straight to IVF then we’re going to take the summer off from trying and do the IVF in Octoberish. John and I would love to go to Cancun this summer if anyone wants to join us!!! But don’t worry… I’ll still update the blog with other fun facts from life until we pick back up with the IVF!

I’ll keep you updated!

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  1. JZ!! That's great news! I'm so excited! I love you guys so much! God has great things in store for you and John!!


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