Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexi!

Our little baby is 1 year old today! They grow up so fast!! haha. We celebrated yesterday since we had Tristan this weekend. We got her some jerky treats, dog cookies and a new toy. She loves it all! I took some pictures but forgot my camera at home so I'll put them on tonight. Tristan is a fantastic big sister by the way! We have been letting Lexi run around outside without her leash some. We couldn't get her to come in yesterday afternoon so I told Tristan, after about an hour of trying to get her, that she could go in and watch some TV. She wouldn't leave her though. Lexi wouldn't come to me but she did finally come to Tristan.

Lexi also had a near death experience that involved a snake this weekend. Maybe "near death" is exaggerating a little bit but it was very scary! She was in our neighbors yard, sniffing around the flowers being her playful, curious doggy self when I saw her jump. She likes to play with frogs so I thought one had jumped close to her and scared her (she's a big chicken.) But then she started barking like mad and charging toward it. So I walked over there and saw a black snake on the side walk. I couldn't get her to leave it alone and believe me I tried every trick in my arsenal (i.e. treat, play ball, come give me some sugars) but she would not leave that stupid snake alone. I, of course, was freaking out and flailing about in the neighbors yard... I hope they weren't watching out the window! Finally the snake slithered into some bushes and she couldn't get to it so I grabbed her and ran into the house. Whew, close one! Of course John is never around for these moments and I'm left to take care of things!

Also, I'm sending well wishes and prayers to my mom who is in the hospital today due to mysterious stomach pains. I hope you feel better very soon and I love you!


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  1. She's so cute!! I can't believe you've already had her a year.


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