Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look at that sweet face!!

Today was my sweet, goddaughter's dedication. Emma was so beautiful in her gown! I don't have a picture of that yet but I did attach one that was taken after she had already changed. She's so stinkin' cute!! Hopefully I'll be able to post one of her in her gorgeous gown after Jess sends it to me.

Yesterday John and I went to T-town to look for some bedroom furniture. We ended up coming home with a dresser and mirror, armoire and a wine chest! We had a caravan of furniture heading back to B'ham. John was driving one of my Dad's trucks, my dad was in the other and I had the wine chest in my Jeep. It was something. Then John and my dad had to move all of this into the house. Of course we buy nothing but the best so they're all solid wood. My poor 60 year old Dad and John struggled just getting them out of the trucks. Now they're all sitting in the foyer waiting for some good, strong men to help John move them upstairs.... Any volunteers?? :)

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  1. That is such a cute picture of you two! Not that I'd expect anything less from you two. I'll send you one of her in the dress once I get them from the photographer.
    Sounds like you had a busy day after you left out house! I want to see this fun furniture soon.


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