Friday, June 19, 2009

Needle Anxiety

I realized I have developed a pretty severe needle anxiety – and with good reason! I went to get my blood drawn today to see if my P4 went up… we want it to go up. That will indicate that I did ovulate and hopefully there won’t be any residual cysts next month.
I know people think that I’m crazy every time I go to the doctor. I always take the stairs and swing my arms around like a mad woman trying to get some blood flowing to my extremities. When I got to the front desk I finally got the nerve up to say something about my still black and blue arm from over a week ago. I told the girl that I request the older, gray, curly haired woman (can’t remember her name.) I showed her my arm and said not to give me the young little girl. So an older lady did come get me but it wasn’t the one I wanted. Her tag said she had been there 11 years so I assumed she was pretty good. You all know that I only have one good vein and it’s black and blue right now. I told her to be ready for a challenge. She wrapped up one arm and then went to the other and examined every part of my arm closely. She kept saying “are you sure that vein is too sore for me to get it?” YES! It’s too sore! So she finally decided on a vein that to my knowledge no one has ever tried. She dug and dug and dug and then finally asked the little young girl to come over and help. NOOOO! That’s the girl I’m trying to avoid and you’re calling her over?!? She kind of had a smug look on her face b/c it’s obvious that I asked for someone other than her and now that person is asking her for help. She swaggered over and dug for a couple of seconds and then GOT IT! Can I get a table for one with a large serving of CROW? Lord have mercy.

By the way - I think this was pointless because my side stopped hurting and my temp finally went up which means I'm 99% sure I finally ovulated. I really didn't have to get this blood work to make sure but since I was having so many problems this month my doctor wanted to check just to make 100% sure!

Wow that was fast! I got the results already and my P4 was up so I did ovulate. She said for me to come back in 10 days if I haven't started my period to get a blood pregnancy test. WHATEVER! She's already trying to stick me again!! That's what HPT's are for (home pregnancy test for the fertility virgins.) I feel like Rachel Ray who always says EVOO and then follows that with extra virgin olive oil. That irritates me so and here I am doing it myself! I feel like I'm teaching you guys though. :)

I'll try to post some photos this weekend of Lexi and Kobe. I wish I could put them in a little tuxedo and wedding gown. I think that might be a little too much though....

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  1. JZizzle, you crack me up! Love your blog. Praying for you and Mr. JZ. Can't wait to see your pretty face again!


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