Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our new pieces

Here's a picture of our new wine chest, armoire and dresser. And I put a picture of the guys moving the armoire up the stairs. (Don't you love the guy standing there supervising? There's always one of those in the group.) I couldn't watch them move it! I had to physically remove myself from the house because I thought the 2 ton armoire was going to fall backward and crush poor Zack. Luckily they got everything upstairs with only a couple of minor scratches on the furniture and walls.

On the fertility front... I did take a test yesterday and it was negative. BOO! I knew there wasn't much of a shot this month but it's still frustrating. Here's hoping that I'm cyst free when I go to the doctor. I'm expecting to start any second now so on Day 3 of the cycle they'll check to make sure all of that pain that I was in two weeks ago was due to ALL of the cysts bursting and my ovaries are clean as a whistle now.

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