Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A pain in my side - Literally

Since Thursday night a week ago I have been having sharp pains in my left side at night. It started off kind of crampy like and has slowly progressed to the excruciating, crippling pain I felt last night. I couldn't even stand up straight! So I called a nurse today to see if it's still that my body could be trying to ovulate and just can't. She said it sounds like a cyst is trying to rupture. She said I could come in the morning for an ultrasound but there's really not much they can do for it except pain management. BOOO! Why wouldn't they just give me that hcg injection when I asked for it Monday?! I already have a scheduled appt for Friday to give them blood so I told her I could just see a nurse then if they want to do an ultrasound b/c there's no point in me coming in tomorrow. So that's where we stand currently.... a pain in my side!

She did say she would call me in a few Lortab for nighttime though. So if you call me at night and I sound doped up... I am!

Good news - Lexi has a friend spending the next few days with us. He's a Yorkie named Kobe and he's much smaller than her. But that doesn't get her down. Small Guys usually like Big Girls! Haha~

I'll let you know what I found out Friday.

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