Friday, June 12, 2009


Come on body?!? I was supposed to go in for my Day 10 stress test blood work today. The normal person ovulates around Day 14 and I’m usually around Day 15. They told me to start testing for an LH surge around Day 12 and that indicates ovulation. Well…. yesterday my left ovary (bad side) was hurting all day like it does when I ovulate. I thought that it’s way too early and the meds must be making it hurt. Last night I decided to test my surge (3 days early) just to see because it sure did feel like I was ovulating. Of course, it was positive. So I had to call the surge line to tell them I got a positive on Day 9 which is ridiculous. I had an ultrasound this morning and I had 4 follicles but ALL on the left side! BOO! She said it looked like I had already ovulated or would be doing so in the next few hours. So no hcg shot, no IUI, no suspense…. so anticlimactic for my last month trying before taking a break. I was pretty bummed. She said there is a SLIGHT possibility that the egg could mosey on over to the right tube but it’s not likely. Also, my FSH will be skewed today because it spikes at ovulation. So I know my number will be too high when she calls me and I hope the doctor realizes that this is not a normal Day 10 test. Do you know how many time I have heard “not normal” over the last 2 years?? Haha.
I talked to the NP about taking a break over the summer and she said they would do whatever I wanted. She did say we could try one more month, but on injectables this time, before moving to IVF. I’m going to have to pray about it and discuss it with John. The injectables are $1200 for one month and then it’s $375 for the IUI. That’s a lot cheaper than IVF but what if it doesn’t work? We would have just wasted $1575. But if it works then we would save about $10,000. So much to think about.

Keep those prayers coming!!

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