Monday, June 1, 2009

So I tested early

Well of course I tested early!! Do you know me? I tested this morning at 12 dpo (days past ovulation) and it was negative. I used First Response and the box said that 86% of women would get a positive at this time if they were pregnant. So the odds are not in my favor for this month. There's still a little hope but it's quickly fading. I have an appt scheduled with Dr. Honea tomorrow to discuss where we go from here if I'm not pregnant. Since I'll be one day from my period I think she'll do a blood test instead of making me come back on Wednesday. I hope she does anyway. It's $3 to park every time I go there.... which is about 5-6 times a month! Whew!
I'll let you know tomorrow what she says.
I put up a picture of my little snickerdoodle. She loves to bask in the sun like her Mommy! She will be 1 year old Monday, June 8th! Isn't she too cute?



  1. I had no doubt you'd test early...I know you all too well. :) Hope she does the test tomorrow for you!

  2. You are in my prayers. The most difficult part of life's journey sometimes is trusting in God and waiting for His perfect timing. Hang in there...meanwhile I'll double up on my to you


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