Friday, July 31, 2009

1st Shot

The first shot was not too bad. I filled the pen exactly the way that the nurse showed me and alcohol swabbed everything that was supposed to be swabbed. Then I pinched up some fat on the old belly (thank you chocolate) and prepared for the stick. I had to think about for a minute or two but I did it. And it wasn't bad! It didn't really hurt... my arm hurts WAY worse where she dug around for 10 minutes yesterday. I called John and had him on speaker phone so he could be with me for the excitement. He's so supportive and I know he was sad he wasn't there for it. But I'm a big girl and I handled my business!! Yay me!

I'm also on two Estrace (estrogen) tablets per day. I won't tell you where those have to go but they're not oral! Ewwww. It will all be worth it when I'm holding that lil munchkin in my arms!

We got some news about my job yesterday. The original plan was to have the NY office take over our funds by March 4, 2010. Now IFS, our official books and records, might take them over and do all of the accounting. If that is the case it could be as early as Sept or Oct! Good thing we didn't take a break for a few cycles because I might be out of a job soon.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback. I'll keep you posted on the progress. :)



  1. First off - TMI on where those Estrogen tablets are going! :)

    When you are off work for your severance months...are you and Jessica going to come have lunch with me???

    We all know things happen for a glad you didn't take a break!


  2. haha! I'm all about the TMI!
    I can't speak for Jess but I will def come have lunch with you!

  3. Good job! You're very brave! I'd have a hard time with the shots for sure. But, you're right, it's all going to be worth it!!


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