Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back from the Doctor

And I have conflicting news. Would you expect anything less? Good news first... they now have a package of parking passes where you can by 10 for $15. 1/2 price Wahoo! I went to the main hospital to get them and the lady was helping someone else so I patiently waited. She gave me two extra for being so nice about the wait! Yay! Nonmonetary related - I had tons of antral follicles.
That brings me to the bad news. I only had 4 antral follicles on the right side but 16 on the left! REALLY? 16! However, one of the ones on the right is much bigger and is already at 11mm (remember that 18mm is considered mature) so she thinks it's either a cyst (BOO) or a lead follicle jumping out early (YAY). She called in all of my prescriptions and I went to pick them up at the special pharmacy. The woman that helped me was wonderful and took a lot of time explaining and answering my questions.
I'm waiting to hear the results from my blood work and if they're good then I take my first injection tonight. YIKES! John isn't even here to help me! She said she wasn't concerned even if the 11mm thing is a cyst because it's really small and shouldn't cause me any problems. I'll take the shots today through Tuesday and then I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Wed to see what's going on in there. Say a little prayer for me tonight :)
AND of course the girl couldn't get my vein so she ended up having to take it out of the top of my forearm - OUCH! I told the NP that we have to discuss the blood work situation because I can't get it taken every time that I come in! If I don't have follies mature on Wed then I have to come in every other day until some mature and I am NOT letting them take blood every other day! She said she would wait until she sees a mature follicle to take my blood again. whew!
Check back around lunch for blood work results!


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