Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curve ball

It always happens! Why does it still surprise me? I have been bee bopping along feeling really good about our decision to take a break for a few months and was actually quite excited about it! Then fate threw me the inevitable curveball! Why am I always blindsided? ART gave me the number of a pharmacy to call to find out how much of the injectable meds would be covered by insurance. She told me that insurance doesn't usually cover very much but she wanted me to go ahead and get an estimate so I wouldn't be surprised. So I called and gave them all of my information and was completely expecting a phone calling saying $1200 - $1500 per month. WELL - Good news is that my insurance covers ALL of the meds but the copay. So I'll only have to pay about $60/mo. The lady from the pharmacy was very shocked and said that my insurance is fantastic. Why is this a curve ball you may ask?? Many of you know that I'm getting laid off soon. They're saying it will probably be around the end of the year but it may be sooner than that. We have no guarantees. So I won't have this insurance for much longer. Now I have all new decisions to make. Should we try a round of injectables first before the IVF since they're so cheap? Yes. Should we start trying sooner than October since I don't know when I'll be losing my fantastic insurance? Probably. When? I don't know! I'm leaning toward just taking 6 weeks off and starting an injectables cycle in September. But since I'll have a natural cycle in August and won't get an HCG shot to make my folly release I potentially could have a cyst in September. We can't do injectables if I have a cyst because it will just feed it and it could grow out of control. What do you think? But I feel like I need some time off but I would also like to have a baby as soon as possible.... I don't know!! Help!!



  1. Hey Jaime, you should find out about your COBRA coverage from work. You may be able to continue with you current insurance pretty cheap. There are special government regulations right now for people being terminated involuntarily so you might not have to pay the full cost of the Cobra. You could take time off and still have your same insurance when you are ready.


  2. Good advice by Alissa! I was going to mention COBRA too! Praying hard for you guys! love you!

  3. I would be able to get COBRA so that is definitely an option. I think the government is paying for 40% maybe so it would be a good bit cheaper. Thanks for the advice! Keep it coming!


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