Sunday, July 12, 2009


GGGRRRRRRR! That's my angriest growl I can give! I went to the doctor this morning and it was terrible! First, my appointment was at 8:15. They tried to take my blood and I said that they could take it AFTER the ultrasound if the ultrasound was inconclusive. At 8:55 they called me back and said that I was 5th in line from getting my ultrasound and the lab closes at 9am. So she told me I had to get my blood drawn now. I asked her if I could please come back and do it tomorrow if the ultrasound was bad. She said NO. So the weekend nurse took a look at my arm and immediately called for the male nurse to take a gander. He was very apologetic and said that he was going to have a hard time. I told him that I'm used to it!! He couldn't get my good vein because it's still bruised from Friday morning. After digging in my forearm for a while he went to ask the NP if it was absolutely necessary for me to get my blood drawn. She again said yes. So he finally had to get it out of my hand which is terrible! He said he could see my heart beat because my blood was dropping with every pulse. That is how slow the blood flows from the hand! Anyway - at about 10 am they finally called me back for the ultrasound. On Friday I had a 1.2cm folly on the left and a 1.5 folly on the right so we thought I might ovulate on the right side this month. A folly needs to reach 1.8cm to be mature. The right was only at 1.6cm today so it only grew 1mm. The one on the left however is at 1.5 now so it has grown 3mm. So I may be ovulating on the left side after all. Boooo! So today was a complete waste. I have to go back on Tuesday to see if I am closer to ovulating and if so on which side. My lining has thickened a little to 6.5mm so maybe it will be above 7 by Tuesday. I'm just so stinking angry with my body and with the doctor's office for not listening to me! The nurse said she would put in my chart not to take blood on Tuesday until after my ultrasound. But that doesn't help my poor forearm and hand right now! I am definitely DONE after this month if it doesn't work. We'll be moving on to IVF in the fall. I can't take this C-R-A-P anymore! grrrrrr!

On a brighter note - Rhonda tagged me with her blog to post the 10th picture from the oldest folder on my computer and tell the story behind it. Since I lost most of my pictures when I changed jobs, the oldest folder I have is from our wedding. This is a picture of us hanging at the beach in Destin. We were at the beach until about 2 on our wedding day. It was so relaxing and stress free... I highly recommend eloping!

Happy Anniversary to Josh and Jessica!

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