Friday, July 10, 2009

Good News and Bad News

I have some good news and some bad news. I’ll start with the good news. I had my ultrasound this morning and I had two small follicles on the left side but one big, fat, juicy follicle on the right side! Wahoo! It’s a 1.5cm right now and it needs to get to 1.8cm to be considered “mature”. I have another ultrasound scheduled for Sunday morning… yes, my doctor’s office is open 7 days/week. They’ll check to see if it’s mature and if so they’ll give me the hcg shot to make it release. Then John and I will decide if we want to try one more IUI. It will also depend on my lining. Today it was only 6mm but they want it to be 8mm or more. So I have two days to grow. If I’m 7mm or higher AND the right side looks good and mature, we’ll probably go ahead and try one more. I also had to have my blood drawn today. Dun, dun, dun, dun. I had no idea that I had to have my blood drawn because they told me I just needed an ultrasound when I made the appt. So I argued with the little girl for a bit and started panicking. I sat down and she got it first try! Maybe all of my anxiety prior to my appts is causing my veins to shrivel up! Who knows! I do think she busted the vein though because it bled through the cotton ball and it’s swollen now but at least she didn’t have to dig!

Now for the bad news. I called my mom at my Aunt Ann’s this morning (they’re visiting my Aunt Ann in NC) to tell her about my lovely folley on the right side. My Aunt Ann told me they just left to come home and that Grandmama is recovering from surgery and doing well. Hold up… Rewind… Start over! What surgery? She said that Grandmama had triple bypass surgery last night for a massive heart attack. She ended the statement with, “your mom didn’t tell you?” Ummmm no! No one tells me anything!! She continued by telling me that she is doing ok and just in some pain which is to be expected after a triple bypass. She’s tough and I’m praying that she makes it through this without any complications. Please God watch over my Grandmama! I just told John last night that the women in my family live forever and since I want to go before he does that he’ll have to live forever and a day! She’s 82 and the doctors are keeping a close eye on her due to her age. In other grandparent news…today is my Nana’s 84th birthday so I’m headed to T-town tonight to have dinner with her and 21 other relatives.

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