Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got a call from the Big Dog herself

Dr. Honea called me at work a few minutes ago. She said I'm not supposed do the injectables without having an appt with her first to talk about risks. So she said she called me so I wouldn't have to come down to her office for the appt. Well that was very nice!! Saved me a $30 copay, $3 parking and a couple of hours sick time.

She said she is putting me on a low dose of the injectables since I'm so small and appear to produce several follicles on my own. She said the goal will be to get around 3 mature follicles. If I start taking the meds and end up having 10 mature follicles then we'll either have to cancel the cycle or convert to IVF. 10 mature follicles is way too much of a risk for 3, 4, or 5 babies! That's how Kate (from John and Kate plus 8) had 6 babies. She had too many follicles and against the doctor's wishes went home for some hanky panky. So I'm sure I'll convert if it does happen because I'll have done all of the drugs and it's hard to imagine not going for it. Like Kate, I would have a hard time canceling the cycle and using protection. I'm trying to get pregnant here not avoid it!!

I'll go in for baseline ultrasound and blood work on Day 3 which should be around Aug 2 - Aug 4th. They'll make sure I don't have any cysts and then give me the Rx for my meds. Yikes! We're really doing this! It's so sureal!



  1. Good luck!! I can't wait to find out how it goes...

  2. I'm with Jess! Miss you ladies...Bham soon? Love!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news!!! I don't want you to have 6 babies...but I'd be okay with 2!!! That's what Aunties are for! :) xxoo

  4. this is exciting! if it does happen, i think you could handle 6 kids :)


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