Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm so done!!

I’ll give you the good news first… I stood my ground and would not let them take blood until after I got an ultrasound. They tried to get me to do it before and told me I would have a long wait if they had to do it afterward but I told them I didn’t care. They were not touching me until I got an ultrasound!! I’m glad I did because the poor little folly on the right shrunk to 1.3cm. The one on the left however has grown to 1.9cm so it’s mature. POOOO~ She gave me the hcg shot to make it release so hopefully I won’t have a cyst there later but there’s nothing else they can do this month. So I did NOT need blood work today!! I told her that I’m done until IVF. We discussed all of the financial aspects and when I should come back in if I want to do IVF in October. I have to be approved first so she was getting the paperwork together for that and I should get a call in a couple of weeks but she didn’t see any reason I wouldn’t be approved. They also gave me a pharmacy to call where they get the injectable drugs to see if my insurance will cover any of it. I sure hope so because the meds are an additional $1200 every cycle on top of the IVF price. I did find out a bit of good news though. We’re going to do the 2-cycle shared risk plan. We’ll pay up front for two fresh cycles. If I don’t get pregnant with either of those cycles then they’ll give us about half of the money back. So that’s pretty good. And if I have enough excellent embryos so that they can freeze two then we’ll be able to a frozen cycle after the fresh cycles. So this will hopefully give me up to 4 cycles to get pregnant! Surely I can get pregnant with 4 cycles at a 46% success ratio! SURELY!
I’m going to keep praying that it doesn’t come to all of this though. Maybe I can get pregnant before October all on my own. The chances are low but maybe! Of the 4 months we’ve tracked with Dr. Honea I have ovulated on the left side 3 times and the right only once. So my left side is definitely dominant. Maybe one of the next two months though my right side will kick it in gear! A girl can dream! But for now I’m just going to enjoy the rest of the summer with no meds, no needles, no ultrasounds, no thermometers… no stress!

I talked with my mom this morning and she said they took my grandmama off the heart pump yesterday. She’s doing well and will hopefully come off the breathing tube today. Please keep her in your prayers.


  1. Yes, yes, enjoy your summer w/o the meds, needles, etc. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers and I'm extremely optimistic for you. Glad your grandmama is doing well. I'll see you at the wedding next Saturday!

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