Thursday, July 2, 2009

It’s like your boyfriend dumping you when you’re on your way to dump him!

I was driving to the doctor’s office feeling quite proud of myself for deciding to take a break and do a natural cycle this month. John was following me because this was the “big” talk with the doctor day. We discussed our options and she said I should be a good candidate for IVF. They won’t know for sure until they medicate me and see how many eggs they can get and what quality they are. She also mentioned my cyst problem… Excuse me? What’s this about a cyst problem? She said she already had it in my chart that I was cyst girl before I even called complaining about all of my problems last month. News to me! She said she wants to get an ultrasound to see if she’s correct. Then she said, “And if there is a cyst then you can’t do medication and you’ll have to do a natural cycle.” She dumped me before I could dump her. I told her I already planned to do a natural cycle anyway but I’m sure it came off as a defensive statement. Booo! So they led me into the ultrasound room and I prepared myself. These things are way better than getting my blood taken so I’m not complaining! The lady starts looking around and then says she’s going to call another nurse in to look at something. Well that’s never good news. The other nurse came in and said that I indeed do have a 2.4 cm cyst on my left ovary so I would HAVE to do a natural cycle. Now I’m just mad that everybody keeps stealing my thunder on the natural cycle route this month. The bit of good news is that I had 16 antral follicles. The Dr. said that since I’m a cyster (haha, get it? like sister!) that I would have to produce more follicles than the average woman. She said that cysters produce more empty follicles so even if I have 3 mature follicles I may only have 1 egg. BOOO! She said she would like to see a minimum of 15 follicles for my IVF cycle and I had 16 this month. Last month I only had 13 so I guess I wouldn’t have been able to try IVF last month even if I wanted. Hopefully the month that we do decide to do IVF I’ll have enough! I had 9 on the left side this month and 7 on the right side so I sure hope that doesn’t indicate that I’m going to ovulate on the left side again!

Oh – And I told Dr. Honea that I called in the Monday after her office thought I ovulated asking for them to give me the hcg shot because I was hurting so badly and didn’t think I had ovulated yet. She said that probably would have worked and I probably wouldn’t have a cyst now. So she put it in my chart that I need an hcg shot every month to make sure that all of the eggs release and don’t hang out to turn into cysts. What drama!

Now we’re just looking forward to having a relaxing 4th of July weekend. Hope you have a wonderful 4th too!


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