Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Weekend - with video

Well we had quite the weekend! We had Stacey’s rehearsal dinner Friday night at Icon restaurant in the Tutwiler Hotel. When we got there I was blindsided by the maid of honor to give a toast… excuse me but do you know about my fear of public speaking? So I had a glass of wine to calm my nerves and then another to relax me a little bit more. Those two got me so relaxed that I thought 3 more would be a good idea! I ended up having a little too much fun that night. Saturday we bummed around the house trying to recover from Friday night and then went to the wedding at 4:30. The reception was at The Birmingham Country Club and was so elegant and beautiful. Stacey looked GORGEOUS and very happy!

Sunday we went down to T-town for a boat ride with the sis. We did some tubing and knee boarding… I got up first try on the knee board so I won’t mention how many times it took John! The water was really rough so it was kind of hard to hydraslide but it did make for some great tubing! However, I think I have whiplash. I don’t know if I’ve ever been as sore as I was yesterday! If I could have found a doctor to put me to sleep for two days I would have! Every muscle in my neck and back hurt! My mind doesn’t want to believe that I’m 32 but my body reminded my head that I am too OLD for that mess.

Here are videos of John and Julie knee boarding. So funny! I also put up a picture of us at the rehearsal dinner Friday night… before the toast!

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