Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mad Dash

John goes home every day at lunch to let my sweet baby out of her cage for a little bit. I know that she is old enough to stay in her “den” all day long but I just get so sad thinking about her laying there ALL DAY! Our neighbor has graciously offered to take Lexi out at lunch sometimes if John can’t get home because she doesn’t work in the summer… must be nice. Well today he has a dentist appointment so he can’t go home. As I was taking her for her walk before I left for work this morning I saw the neighbor and asked her. I went inside feeling better about my baby’s day until I opened my eyes and looked around! It is a complete disaster area! Pots and pans everywhere; dishes galore in the sink; stacks and stacks of mail and papers. WOW! I was already running late so I made a mad dash to clean up the house. I was running upstairs to throw some stuff in a closet (Monica Gellar style) when I realized all 3 of our beds are unmade! There are only 2 of us! How is it that all 3 beds are unmade?!? So I’m just hoping the neighbor doesn’t get nosy and take a gander upstairs. Also, Lexi got one of my bras and chewed it up so I just let her have that one as a toy. I hope she doesn’t run upstairs to get it! Can’t you just imagine her prancing down the stairs with my bra in her mouth? What would my poor neighbor think?

My doctor's appt is at 7:30 tomorrow morning so I’ll fill you in on the latest and greatest when I get to work.


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