Friday, July 17, 2009

Mind vs. Body

Take a trip into my body and hear the inner monologue...

Warning: I'm not pregnant. I had to add this part b/c Jess read this at first and thought I was pregnant so now she says I'm mean!

Body: I'm pregnant!
Mind: No you're not. They just gave you the hcg shot so you think you are.
Body: No, for real this time! Take a test! I promise!
Mind: Seriously. I know you think you're pregnant but you're just not.
Body: I know I send you fake signals every month but I'm sure this time!

Body won. I had to take a test yesterday even though I knew it would be positive only because of the shot. But it was such a glorious sight to see those two beautiful lines... even if it was fake. It's inhumane to give a person who has been trying to get pregnant for two years a shot of hcg. Most of you know that hcg is the hormone your body produces that tells your brain you're pregnant. So I have some of the initial symptoms of pregnancy but I have to keep reminding myself that it's just the shot. What's worse is that I left the test sitting on the bathroom counter. John saw it and came running over to me freaking out. Poor fella! I had to explain that it wasn't real. I won't be doing that again!

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. I'm heading to the beach at lunch today to chillax with sis!


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