Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're really doing this!

I say "we" because I need the support of all of you! I just got the results from my bloodwork and my E2 was 60 (needed to be <75) my FSH was 9.2 (needed to be <12.5) so we can go ahead with the injectables this cycle! OMG! I'm so nervous!
John just called to say that he's staying in TN another day because they've been having rain delays with the tournament. Stupid rain! Now he won't be home until tomorrow night or maybe even Saturday!!! BOO! Who am I going to take my hormone induced mood swings out on? I think he planned to be away during the first few days of my injections! He's probably doing a rain dance. Haha. The thought of him dancing around on the field makes me laugh.



  1. I support you! Don't be nervous...good things are a coming! Love you! And I'm so excited for you and Mr. JZ! Praying hard!

  2. YEA YEA YEA!!! I wish I was in town - I'd be happy to have a few drinks tonight and give you your shot! :) (Just kidding you know I would probably faint if I ever tried that.) My support is all yours...sending you GREAT thoughts from Indy! xoxox

  3. YAY!!!! OH I'm so excited. You're really doing it! We're praying hard over here in the Durr household. Don't be nervous...I agree with Leah that good things are coming.


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