Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday with the girls

Jess, Em and I visited Leah in Red Bay this weekend! She’s been having a tough time with her detached retina and is finally back to full time activities! It was so wonderful spending a full day with my girls! Em was tuckered out so she took a nap. The other picture is of Jess and Leah.

John spent a Daddy/Daughter day with Tristan Saturday while I was gone. They went to a movie and he cooked her a nice dinner. Friday she wanted to spend the night with a friend so John agreed she could as long as he could get her early Saturday morning. Then we found out Saturday night that the friend she spent the night with started feeling sick Saturday afternoon and now has the swine flu! I sure do hope Tristan doesn’t get it!

Sunday we had a lazy morning and then went to Learning Express to get Tristan some bracelets that she wanted. She has all A’s in school so far so John wanted to reward her. They were sold out of the bracelets so he ended up getting her a necklace. She’s finally into something a little girly!

I have a folly check tomorrow morning to see what's going on in there. I wish I had x-ray vision so I wouldn't have to go to the doctor so much! I'm hoping the cysts on the left have shrunk or at least not grown any and that I have some good looking follies on the right side!

Here are some pics of John and Tristan wrestling. Too funny!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Tristan's First Dance

Tristan had her first real dance last night. Last year she went to the 6th Grade Dance because her mom chaperoned but she didn't really participate. This year she was part of the group! She did not dance with a boy but she said one boy did ask her. She said she told him no because he gave her "the willys". She said another boy was going to ask her but his mom said that he had to ask her mom so he got scared. haha! 6th Grade Drama! She said she would have danced with him! oh boy!
She looked beautiful and so grown up! Here are some pictures...


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling better

I'm feeling better today. Sorry about the depressing blog two days ago but I was feeling a bit down in the dumps. My wonderful husband gave me a massage last night and gave me a little pep talk so I'm feeling much better now.
I started the injections last night and the Estrogen. My left side is hurting today so I hope that's not a sign that the cysts are growing and are going to be super painful. I hope they just dwindle away and make room for some nice follicles with some perfect little eggs! The nurse couldn't even count my antral follicles on the left side because those cysts were in the way but I only have 4 antrals on the right. Comparing this with some of my soulcysters I have found that 4 is not a great number. A lot of these women will have 20 on each side! Crazy! But all I need is one good little eggie so I'm going to say that 4 is good.
Tristan's 6th Grade Dance is tonight so we're going to run by and see her afterward. I'll post a picture of her tomorrow! :o)
My interview went well I think. It was just another interview... no offer or talk of an offer. She said she would get back with me soon which probably means a few weeks like last time. But that's fine... I'm in no hurry. Laura - the dept head - was very nice and seemed like she would be a good boss. She seemed very smart and like she cared about her employees. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens!

John and I will be sitting in Cancun exactly two weeks from today!! Countdown is on!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Injectable Cycle Round 2

The nurse called back with my lab results late this afternoon and it looks like I can start another cycle tomorrow. She said I could take the month off if I wanted to though because those two cysts are going to grow and HURT. I thought about it but then quickly made my decision when she told me my FSH number. The FSH level measures ovarian reserve and mine was borderline high once when she checked it but most of the time normal. Well today it was 14.6. That's the highest it's ever been. She doesn't usually do an injectable cycle if that number is higher than 12.5 because it means that the egg quality it probably deminishing. She usually recommends going straight to IVF so she can check the quality. But since we're going to Cancun we can't do that. So she wants me to try again on just the injections and pray to GOD that it works. I'm too YOUNG for preovarian failure!!! I knew I got too high with my good news this month and that I would come crashing down HARD. I just didn't realize how hard. I just hope that the high # has something to do with me having cysts and that next month it will be back down (if I don't get pregnant this month.) Thanks for all of your support and prayers through this very difficult time!

I start my injections tomorrow and will keep you updated with the progress. I'll also let you know how my interview goes Thursday.


My Doctor's Office is Trying to Kill Me

It's official... My doctor's office is trying to kill me! I talked with Dr. H for a long time and we discussed all of my issues. She saw a bruise on my leg and then asked about how heavy my periods are. After I responded she decided I needed to be checked for some blood disorder. I've been tested for blood disorders before and most of them are usually negative so I wasn't worried too much. I've probably already been tested for whatever this is at some point in the past anyway. I didn't realize until I got back to the lab that the blood test meant THREE additional vials of blood! Judy was back there so I felt pretty good that she would be able to get the blood needed. I was wrong. She got the first vial out of my arm and then it just stopped. She said she couldn't figure out what happened. Then she tried my hand... nothing. She said she can't stick me more than twice so Sissy would have to try now. I warned her that I was only getting stuck 1 more time! Sissy and two other nurses took me back to a room where they laid me down. Judy was looking at my feet as if she may want to stick me there and I quickly told her that wasn't happening! Sissy got me in the arm where Judy had gotten me and she got it first try!! Sissy is GOOD! She got the vials and then asked for an additional vial because she said my blood looks anemic and she wants to check that too. If you're counting that is 5 vials of blood! I'm empty!
To my horror I got a call from the nurse a minute ago saying now they can't even test for the blood disorder because she didn't realize that I am on baby aspirin for my blood clotting issue! So all of that was for NOTHING! They're trying to kill me with a slow, painful death... one vial at a time!
ALSO, I had two cysts on my left ovary that are 2.0cm and 2.5cm respectively. So my E2 may be up and if it is I can't do injections this cycle. BOOO! What a terrible day at the doctor! However, Dr. H thinks that I'll ovulate on the right side this time b/c with injectables it tends to go left, right, left, right. So I hope my E2 is good and I can finally get the right side going. I'll update this afternoon with the blood results! My upcoming Cancun trip is the only thing keeping me going today! :o) I'm so glad my hubby finally gave in!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Mother Nature Calling

My monthly visitor has arrived so it looks like this month is officially out. I called the doctor's office and she cancelled my blood pregnancy test. I kept the appt with Dr. H though so we'll still talk about what needs to happen for this coming up cycle. They'll probably go ahead and do a baseline u/s to make sure I don't have any cysts. BOO! Another month bites the dust.

However, I did have some good luck in a different way today. I interviewed with BCBS in June. I didn't hear anything back until 3 weeks ago when the HR person called to ask if I am still available because she knows it has been a while. She said that I'm still in consideration for the job and she would get back with me at the beginning of the next week after she talked with the manager. Two more weeks go by and I haven't heard anything. I know what you're thinking; "How could they not want to hire you Jaime? You're awesome! " :) I hadn't heard anything... until today that is. She called and asked if I could have breakfast with the department head on Thursday morning. Looks promising! I don't think it will pay as much as what I make now but (A.) It's very close to my house (B.) Surely they give their employees the best insurance coverage available since they're BCBS (C.) The hours are 8 - 4:45 and are flexible (D.) They have an onsite daycare (E.) They have an onsite gym and cafeteria.

That's a lot of positives! I'll keep you informed about my appt tomorrow and the interview Thursday.


My Lucky String Ran Out

Well guys, it looks like my lucky string may have ran out. I tested this morning and it was negative. Also, I started spotting so I believe Mother Nature is on her way. I still have an appt tomorrow to get blood work and I will also be seeing Dr. Honea. We're going to discuss my medications and see what we should do for next cycle. I'm not as bummed about this cycle not working because I have Cancun to keep me excited. If I had gotten pregnant this month I would have been so worried about going out of the country and something going wrong. Also, I should be ovulating around the time that we'll be in Cancun so maybe we'll have a 2nd honeymoon baby!! :o)

We had a pretty laid back weekend. Friday night we went out to eat and Saturday we took Lexi to the park. Saturday night we went to a friend's 30th birthday party and that was a lot of fun. Sunday I went with Em to the pool and John had a soccer game (he won!) and the rest of the day we just piddled around the house.

I'll let you know what Dr. H says tomorrow.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here are a few updates...
Hiney - Still hurts
UTI - I STILL don't have the results from my Dr.
Job - They just doubled the amount we have to pay for our insurance and took away our 401K match. They are back to saying December will be the official lay off time but who knows!
Tristan - Boys, Boys and more Boys! Everyday when John asks Tristan how school was, all she talks about are the boys. Apparently a 7th grader waited at the stairs the other day so he could walk her to lunch! A 7th Grader! John kids her all the time asking where the boys live so he can go rough them up! What are we going to do with her?!?
Pregnancy - 5 days and counting until blood test :o)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Jaime

I went to get my blood work done today because I think I have a UTI. They just took a urine sample and blood work today so I wouldn’t have to come in again tomorrow. Very Nice. When I got there the good blood taker (Judy) was in the lab with the skinny little girl not-so-good blood taker. Judy saw me walk in and smiled at me so I was relieved thinking she remembered me. However, the other girl walked over to me and started tying up my arm. Old Jaime would have just let her try so that she wouldn’t get her feeling hurt but New Jaime was having none of it. I told the nurse that Judy is the only one who gets my vein on the first try and I prefer for her to take it. She looked like she was very offended. She looked at Judy and Judy looked at her… there was an awkward silence. FINALLY, Judy walked over to me and took my blood while the other girl shot daggers from her eyes at me. BUT – Hallelujah – She got it first try again! This may have been a bad move on my part because Judy is retiring next month so the other girl is probably going to hurt me on purpose now. But at least I stood up for myself (and my arm). To top it all off I even spoke out about my allergy to adhesive... I always get a rash when they put tape on my arm. Even though she did roll her eyes a little she didn't put the tape on me and I'm rash free!

Random note – When I talked about losing my job in a previous post a few people mentioned COBRA. I will not be eligible for COBRA because I can get insurance through John’s work. We’re checking to see if his insurance will cover any of the infertility stuff but I have a feeling it’s not. BOO! So pray hard that I’ll get pregnant over the next few months!!

The results are in: My progesterone was >41 (41 is as high as their machine will count.) To put this in perspective… >5 means you ovulated, >10 is good, >15 is excellent and what they would like to see; I was >41! Definitely good news~ If you're counting that is good news 3 times in a row! Pray that I will get my 4th one in a week when I have my pregnancy blood test scheduled!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Sorry I didn't post this weekend (Mom and Mom Z) but as the title of my blog illustrates, we were "Gone Fishin". :o)

Friday night Tristan brought a friend home so we watched movies and played some video games. Then John and the girls started scaring each other. At one point the girls were playing video games in the basement so John snuck outside and started tapping on the basement door. I have never seen two girls run up two flights of stairs so quickly or scream so loudly!

Saturday Jess brought Emma over for a little while. I have attached a picture of Tristan holding her. Sunday we fished at the lake in our neighborhood. We only caught one fish but we still had a good time. John wanted to use fake bait so after about an hour with not so much as a nibble I decided to run back home and get a hotdog weeny. When I came back I was walking down the steep, gravel hill to get back to them while wearing flip flops....not my smartest move. I am not clumsy and have great balance so I'm usually ok with hiking or any other activity such as that. Except I'm usually wearing appropriate footwear! I was about halfway down the hill when both of my feet slid out from under me. I landed on a baseball sized rock right on my tail bone! I sat there for a good 5 minutes thinking I might cry and wondering if I started screaming would they hear me. I composed myself and decided I could stand up and make it the rest of the way down. I hobbled over to where John and Tristan were fishing and told them the story. Of course they just laughed at me because only I would somehow manage to strategically land with a rock right on my tail bone. It still hurts today but it's getting better.

I have a doctor's appt Wed morning to check my progesterone level. I'll let you know how that goes!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growing Pains

Fertility news – I think I ovulated Tuesday afternoon the lead follicle that was trying to go on it’s own and then I ovulated again last night the rest of the follicles on the left (and hopefully the one on the right.) I don’t even know if it’s possible to ovulate twice but I’m sure my crazy body probably figured a way to do it! I had some cramping Tues afternoon and then my temp was up Wed morning. Well then last night I had TERRIBLE cramping (of course only on the left side) and my temp is still up. I guess we’ll know in two weeks if it worked!

Other news - Tristan has a PTO meeting tonight. I would love to go but hadn’t planned on it because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. John asked me this morning to go with him so I know he feels it’s ok but I’m not sure how Kelly will react. I want to be the best stepmom I can be and show Tristan that I love her as much as if she was my own. But I know I have to walk a fine line because I’m not her mother and I don’t want her to think I’m pushing myself on her. It’s a struggle that I’m doing my best to figure out. I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast. She started school Tuesday and this year she has a locker and switches classes. When she told John about her first day she mentioned the three boys she thought were cute! OH NO~
Saturday I took her to get a pedicure and John met us for some shopping. She’s still not into the shopping but she’s getting better. We were at the mall 2 ½ hours and all she picked out was one shirt! But at least we got her to go to the mall… that’s an accomplishment.

I attached a picture of Tristan from Saturday and also a picture of our pedicures. Can you believe that her foot is the bigger one in the picture??? She’s growing up too fast!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bring on the 2WW

I have pretty good news again this morning which is surprising. As you have seen from my previous posts, my fertility journey has been consistently up then down. I will get great news one day but the next day have the rug pulled out from under me. It's become a reliable cycle. So I walked into my appt this morning expecting the worst. I surely couldn't get good news two days in a row.... or could I??? Well ladies and gentleman I did! It wasn't over-the-top fantastic news but it was good! My folly on the right has grown from 15mm to 16mm. That is on the low side but she said that it could still grow another 1-2mm after she gives me the hcg shot to make it release. The shot doesn't make it release that second... it takes about 36 hours. I am going to count this cycle as a success! I still had the three follies on the left that are now 20.5mm, and (2) 17.5mm. The NP said I have fluid in my uterus which means I have either already ovulated that 20.5 or will be releasing it very soon. That's why we couldn't wait one more day for the right one to get a little bigger. But even if it doesn't work out this month we now know how to get my right side going. Next month she can give me Lupron to keep my left side from ovulating and then they can up my dosage just a touch. That should hopefully fire up that right side! Yay! AND - my lining was 8.5mm today!!! 8.5 can you believe it?!? We know the winning cocktail now so it's only a matter of time until we're a holding a little munchkin!

Final bit of good news is that she didn't take my blood today and she gave me the "big needle" shot so John doesn't have to do it! I know he is pumped about that. He started turning green just thinking about it! My next appt is 8/19 to check my P4 to make sure it's a high number. That's the one that I never have a problem with so I'm sure it will be good. Could it be that I will get good news 3 days in a row??? My blood pregnancy test is scheduled for 8/25! Can we fathom a run of 4 days? A girl can dream!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Go Right Ovary Go

Just got the blood work results and she said I have not ovulated yet. Woop! Woop! She said for me to take a final shot tonight and then come in tomorrow morning. I'm not really sure why they want to check it again but I'll do as she says. I mean, I thought all hope was lost for this cycle but she didn't give up on me. So I guess I shouldn't second guess her about this. My estradiol was 1028 and it's suppose to be around 200 per follicle. I had 4 follicles so I am exceeding that goal! My P4 was 0.4 and she said if it was >1 then there was a fear that I had already ovulated or would be really soon.

SO - what all of this means is that the right folly could grow to maturity tomorrow. If it does, they will give me the trigger shot which will make all 4 follies release, then we can consider doing another IUI.

What a rollercoaster! Just two days ago I was told there was probably not much hope for this cycle! I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.


Happy Birthday Mom!

First I would like to wish my mother a very happy birthday today! We took her to Cypress Inn last night and I took a picture of us. I hope you take a little time to pamper yourself Mom!

Next I have a doctor update. This morning I had a 19mm (mature), and (2) 16mm follies on the left and a 15mm on the right! The right one just showed up out of nowhere! However, she said there was some fluid around the left ovary so I may have already ovulated. They did bloodwork to see if my P4 is up and if so then there's not anything else we can do this cycle. The one on the right just didn't get grow fast enough. BUT - If my P4 is down then I will do one more injection tonight and then I'll trigger tomorrow because the 15mm should have grown to about 17mm by then which is right on the borderline of mature! YAY! I should get those results by noon today so I'll keep you posted. AND - I asked the NP to get me Judy, the good nurse, for my blood draw. The NP put me in a room where I could lie down and Judy walked in and got it first try It was a BREEZE! What a difference! The other good news is that my lining was at 7.7mm! They want it to be around 8mm and mine is usually between 5 and 6.5. So 7.7 is fantastic! I guess those estrogen pills are doing their job!

Final good news is that now we know I may need a little higher dose for next time if this month doesn't work out which would make that right side move a little quicker!

That's a lot of good news for a Monday morning! Check back later for b/w update!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slick Willy

Lexi went outside this afternoon sans leash for a little freedom. She usually stays pretty close to home but of course she decided to run all over the neighborhood. We spent at least an hour chasing her as she ran through bushes and mud puddles. I finally cornered her and she was covered in dirt. Tristan and I took her off to the bath. I had just finished lathering her up when I turned around to get the cup to rinse her off. At just that moment she jumped out of the tub. She has never jumped out of the tub so I wasn't expecting to try to thwart that mission. So there she is running all over the house head to toe covered in soap with Tristan chasing behind her. We would get her cornered and then she would slip right through our hands like a greased pig! We were rolling around laughing. We did finally grab her after she had shaken soap everywhere! Lesson learned: close the door to the bathroom while giving Lexi a bath!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Word from the doc

I got word from the doctor a little while ago. She's not so eager to give up on that right ovary just yet. She wants me to keep taking the injections 3 more days and come in on Monday to see if anything developed. So I made an appt for Monday at 7:45am. I think this month is probably a lost cause but the doc knows best! Hopefully she's right.

Hope you guys have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!



I went to get my u/s scan this morning and it was not good news... ho hum. You may recall that 18mm (maybe even 17) is considered a mature follicle. Two days ago I had 11, 10, and 8mm follies on the left and (2) 10s and an 8mm folly on the right. That was good that they were all about the same. Today the ones on the right had actually shrunk a little and are now 9.5s and there are only 2. What happened to the 3rd? Who knows! However, the left had a fat 13.5 and an 11.5. So it looks like I'm going on the left AGAIN! The NP was just baffled and kept throwing out words like "usually" and "normally". When is she going to get that I'm not normal?!? To top it all off my lining is still only at 6.5mm. Too thin! I'm on estrogen tabs that are supposed to be helping that! What's the problem? She said there's an injectable estrogen that works better... of course another shot! She's going to call later today to give me the news from my Dr. There is a medicine they can give me to keep me from ovulating but that would only help if the right ones were growing too but just going at a slower rate. Well they're actually shrinking so that probably won't work. She said we could up my dosage of medicine but that probably won't work for the same reason. Apparently the right side has just given up. It's rolling over and playing dead! Stick a fork in it... it's done!

I'll let you know when she calls back what the game plan is but I'm guessing that she's going to say stop the injections and wait for next month. BOOOOO!

There is always a bright side and today's bright side was that I didn't have to get my blood taken. I get a lot of eye rolls and smart remarks from the nurses when they call me back now b/c they try to walk toward the lab and then they stop and say something like, "Oh yeah. You're the one who won't get her blood taken until after the u/s!" Haha! I don't care what they think as long as they don't come at me with that needle!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two Tickets to Paradise!

You read that correctly! I finally talked John into taking a trip to Cancun! YAY! They have a special for airfare that ends today so I sat him down last night and said, "We're going!" He gave his usual reply... "but what if you're pregnant." For two years I have either thought this myself or he has said it to me. I'm tired of putting my life on hold in case I might be pregnant. If I'm pregnant then I'm pregnant. So.... we're going 9/10-9/14! We're staying at an All Inclusive Resort in Cancun. All meals, all beverages, all activities are included. I can't wait! (Sorry Jess! The putt-putt courses in Myrtle Beach sound very enticing but Cancun won by a slight margin.) If anybody else wants to go it would be much more fun with some friends!!!
We originally were planning to go to Canada to see his family this fall. However, we can't make it work with Tristan's schedule and it would be too sad to go without her. She starts back to school next week and only has one day off until Thanksgiving. It's too expensive to try to go up there for only 3 days so we had to scratch the trip. :(
That's when my mind turned to Cancun. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for deals and finally ran across the airfare deal. It's only $79 one way to fly from Atl to Cancun! Since airfare is what usually costs the most we got our trip for a great deal! Now that we have booked the trip I probably will end up being pregnant this month but that will be fine with me! I can still eat some great food and relax on the beach at 7 weeks pregnant!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am not ready to trigger yet but I do have 6 little follicles growing. There are 3 on the left and 3 on the right. Wahoo! I have an 11mm, 10mm, and 8mm on the left and two 10mms and an 8mm on the right. We don't worry about those ones on the left except to compare them to the ones on the right. We want to make sure the left ones don't hurry up and mature and leave the right ones behind. So I'm sticking with the low dose injection of 75iu...slow and steady wins the race! I'm not sure what happened to that 11mm that was on the right last week. I guess it was a cyst and it dissolved. My lining was still a little thin but she said it's fine because she doesn't think I'll be ready to trigger until Mondayish. So I have around 5 days for it to grow.

My next appt is Friday morning so I'll update you then with the latest and greatest from my uterus!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Injectable cycle

I will be (hopefully) taking the last of my follistim injections tonight! I go for my appointment tomorrow and will hopefully have some follies ready to trigger. If not I may have to take the injections a few more days but that will be ok. They really haven't been bad. The Clomid I took before made me much moodier... at least that's what I think. You'll have to ask John to get the real scoop. :0)
If my follies are ready tomorrow then I'll come home and John will give me the big shot and then I'll be done with the shots! Not too bad at all! The thought of an "injectable cycle" had me really nervous that I would be giving myself tons of shots. It just sounds scary... injectable cycle.

I'll let you know tomorrow morning how it goes. Fingers crossed and praying hard.
Side note: I'm also praying hard for Leah. She has surgery today. I hope you feel much better soon! Love you!


Monday, August 3, 2009

The little green pill

I am 100% certain that a man developed the Estrogen I have to put in an unmentionable area. First, because of where it has to go! Surely a woman would have figured out a way to take it orally. Second, because it's GREEN! Why would you have a tinted tablet? A man would not think of the consequences of such a detail. The injections, however, are going pretty well. John watched me do the one last night and I thought he may get sick. But he stuck it out without fainting. I can do the little ones myself but in 4-10 days (depending on when I have mature follies) he's going to have to give me the big needle to trigger my ovulation. That one has to go in the hip and it's a monster needle. I showed it to John last night and he told me he couldn't do it. I told him he has a few days to prepare but he will HAVE to do it when the time comes. I'm pretty limber but I can't contortion my body to give myself a shot in the rear!

John got home Saturday night at about 11 pm. Tristan's team came in 9th place out of 36 teams from around the country so that's pretty good! I sure was glad to have him home... and so was Lexi. We were laying in the bed when we heard the garage door open. She started jumping around all over the place because she knew her Daddy was home. So cute!

My next appt is Wed morning at 7:45 when they will do an u/s to see how the follies are looking. I'm starting to get a little bloated and my left side is hurting a bit (boo, it's supposed to be the right) so I'm a little nervous about how it's going to look. They say when people do IVF they get so bloated they look like they're about 5 months pregnant! Well isn't that nice! It makes since if you think about it though. Your ovaries about double in size and then usually have around 20 follicles that are 2cm each! That's a lot of mass in a small area!

Wish me luck for Wed!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I found this forum at that has really helped me through this injectable cycle. I'm blessed with all of you who give me tons of support and will help me in any way. But the women on this forum KNOW what I'm going through! They live it every day just like me. I have found stories from many women who got pregnant the first month they tried injectables. It's so encouraging. There are also some funny threads! Here's a post from a thread called "You know you're obsessed with TTC when..."
You find yourself making up new rules and regulations during your 2ww... no lifting, no swimming for fear they may wash out, radiation from blackberry - needs to be kept a certain distance away, googled safety of cooking with plastic, no BDing for fear you will shake an implanting embryo loose, and the list goes on and on and on...

HAHA! This is totally me! I think about everything I put in my mouth and put next to my body for my whole 2ww for fear that it will affect the implantation. I don't tell you guys some of the stuff that I do or think because you would most definitely think I'm CRAZY! With the exception of Julie, no one really knows what goes on in the mind of an infertile woman. The women on this forum do and I can relate to almost every single story I read! It's so comforting! I just wanted to share that with you in case you know of any other fertility challenged women in your lives so that you can direct them to the site!

On the home front - Tristan won her game this morning and has another starting around lunch time! Wahoo! They're doing so great! John promises he's coming home today. He said that even if they go to the Championship game late tonight that he'll still drive home because he didn't keep his hotel room. So keep him in your thoughts for a safe 5 and 1/2 hour trip home tonight and for Tristan to have a great tourney! My plans for today are cleaning and going to see Emma to give her the cute, little outfit I got for her.


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