Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Injectable Cycle Round 2

The nurse called back with my lab results late this afternoon and it looks like I can start another cycle tomorrow. She said I could take the month off if I wanted to though because those two cysts are going to grow and HURT. I thought about it but then quickly made my decision when she told me my FSH number. The FSH level measures ovarian reserve and mine was borderline high once when she checked it but most of the time normal. Well today it was 14.6. That's the highest it's ever been. She doesn't usually do an injectable cycle if that number is higher than 12.5 because it means that the egg quality it probably deminishing. She usually recommends going straight to IVF so she can check the quality. But since we're going to Cancun we can't do that. So she wants me to try again on just the injections and pray to GOD that it works. I'm too YOUNG for preovarian failure!!! I knew I got too high with my good news this month and that I would come crashing down HARD. I just didn't realize how hard. I just hope that the high # has something to do with me having cysts and that next month it will be back down (if I don't get pregnant this month.) Thanks for all of your support and prayers through this very difficult time!

I start my injections tomorrow and will keep you updated with the progress. I'll also let you know how my interview goes Thursday.


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