Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bring on the 2WW

I have pretty good news again this morning which is surprising. As you have seen from my previous posts, my fertility journey has been consistently up then down. I will get great news one day but the next day have the rug pulled out from under me. It's become a reliable cycle. So I walked into my appt this morning expecting the worst. I surely couldn't get good news two days in a row.... or could I??? Well ladies and gentleman I did! It wasn't over-the-top fantastic news but it was good! My folly on the right has grown from 15mm to 16mm. That is on the low side but she said that it could still grow another 1-2mm after she gives me the hcg shot to make it release. The shot doesn't make it release that second... it takes about 36 hours. I am going to count this cycle as a success! I still had the three follies on the left that are now 20.5mm, and (2) 17.5mm. The NP said I have fluid in my uterus which means I have either already ovulated that 20.5 or will be releasing it very soon. That's why we couldn't wait one more day for the right one to get a little bigger. But even if it doesn't work out this month we now know how to get my right side going. Next month she can give me Lupron to keep my left side from ovulating and then they can up my dosage just a touch. That should hopefully fire up that right side! Yay! AND - my lining was 8.5mm today!!! 8.5 can you believe it?!? We know the winning cocktail now so it's only a matter of time until we're a holding a little munchkin!

Final bit of good news is that she didn't take my blood today and she gave me the "big needle" shot so John doesn't have to do it! I know he is pumped about that. He started turning green just thinking about it! My next appt is 8/19 to check my P4 to make sure it's a high number. That's the one that I never have a problem with so I'm sure it will be good. Could it be that I will get good news 3 days in a row??? My blood pregnancy test is scheduled for 8/25! Can we fathom a run of 4 days? A girl can dream!



  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for fabulous news! Will be waiting patiently during the 2WW!!! Love you!

  2. Fabulous news!! I'm so excited and happy for you. I don't know if I can wait 2 weeks though...

  3. Fingers crossed here too! :)

  4. Jamie, thank you so much for your comment. My husband, Paul, and I have been on the roller coaster for over two years as well. I wish you the best of luck with this cycle and the injectibles. I hope it's the last month of poking and prodding...keep in touch. Samantha Ebert


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