Friday, August 7, 2009


I went to get my u/s scan this morning and it was not good news... ho hum. You may recall that 18mm (maybe even 17) is considered a mature follicle. Two days ago I had 11, 10, and 8mm follies on the left and (2) 10s and an 8mm folly on the right. That was good that they were all about the same. Today the ones on the right had actually shrunk a little and are now 9.5s and there are only 2. What happened to the 3rd? Who knows! However, the left had a fat 13.5 and an 11.5. So it looks like I'm going on the left AGAIN! The NP was just baffled and kept throwing out words like "usually" and "normally". When is she going to get that I'm not normal?!? To top it all off my lining is still only at 6.5mm. Too thin! I'm on estrogen tabs that are supposed to be helping that! What's the problem? She said there's an injectable estrogen that works better... of course another shot! She's going to call later today to give me the news from my Dr. There is a medicine they can give me to keep me from ovulating but that would only help if the right ones were growing too but just going at a slower rate. Well they're actually shrinking so that probably won't work. She said we could up my dosage of medicine but that probably won't work for the same reason. Apparently the right side has just given up. It's rolling over and playing dead! Stick a fork in it... it's done!

I'll let you know when she calls back what the game plan is but I'm guessing that she's going to say stop the injections and wait for next month. BOOOOO!

There is always a bright side and today's bright side was that I didn't have to get my blood taken. I get a lot of eye rolls and smart remarks from the nurses when they call me back now b/c they try to walk toward the lab and then they stop and say something like, "Oh yeah. You're the one who won't get her blood taken until after the u/s!" Haha! I don't care what they think as long as they don't come at me with that needle!



  1. I'm sorry! :( Love and prayers...

  2. Boo! I think this means you'll have left-handed kiddies :D

  3. You need me to come down to the dr's office with you and hurt some nurses?? Cause you know I'll do it! Enjoyed dinner and Wal-Mart last night!! xoxo


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