Monday, August 17, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Sorry I didn't post this weekend (Mom and Mom Z) but as the title of my blog illustrates, we were "Gone Fishin". :o)

Friday night Tristan brought a friend home so we watched movies and played some video games. Then John and the girls started scaring each other. At one point the girls were playing video games in the basement so John snuck outside and started tapping on the basement door. I have never seen two girls run up two flights of stairs so quickly or scream so loudly!

Saturday Jess brought Emma over for a little while. I have attached a picture of Tristan holding her. Sunday we fished at the lake in our neighborhood. We only caught one fish but we still had a good time. John wanted to use fake bait so after about an hour with not so much as a nibble I decided to run back home and get a hotdog weeny. When I came back I was walking down the steep, gravel hill to get back to them while wearing flip flops....not my smartest move. I am not clumsy and have great balance so I'm usually ok with hiking or any other activity such as that. Except I'm usually wearing appropriate footwear! I was about halfway down the hill when both of my feet slid out from under me. I landed on a baseball sized rock right on my tail bone! I sat there for a good 5 minutes thinking I might cry and wondering if I started screaming would they hear me. I composed myself and decided I could stand up and make it the rest of the way down. I hobbled over to where John and Tristan were fishing and told them the story. Of course they just laughed at me because only I would somehow manage to strategically land with a rock right on my tail bone. It still hurts today but it's getting better.

I have a doctor's appt Wed morning to check my progesterone level. I'll let you know how that goes!


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