Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

First I would like to wish my mother a very happy birthday today! We took her to Cypress Inn last night and I took a picture of us. I hope you take a little time to pamper yourself Mom!

Next I have a doctor update. This morning I had a 19mm (mature), and (2) 16mm follies on the left and a 15mm on the right! The right one just showed up out of nowhere! However, she said there was some fluid around the left ovary so I may have already ovulated. They did bloodwork to see if my P4 is up and if so then there's not anything else we can do this cycle. The one on the right just didn't get grow fast enough. BUT - If my P4 is down then I will do one more injection tonight and then I'll trigger tomorrow because the 15mm should have grown to about 17mm by then which is right on the borderline of mature! YAY! I should get those results by noon today so I'll keep you posted. AND - I asked the NP to get me Judy, the good nurse, for my blood draw. The NP put me in a room where I could lie down and Judy walked in and got it first try It was a BREEZE! What a difference! The other good news is that my lining was at 7.7mm! They want it to be around 8mm and mine is usually between 5 and 6.5. So 7.7 is fantastic! I guess those estrogen pills are doing their job!

Final good news is that now we know I may need a little higher dose for next time if this month doesn't work out which would make that right side move a little quicker!

That's a lot of good news for a Monday morning! Check back later for b/w update!


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