Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Injectable cycle

I will be (hopefully) taking the last of my follistim injections tonight! I go for my appointment tomorrow and will hopefully have some follies ready to trigger. If not I may have to take the injections a few more days but that will be ok. They really haven't been bad. The Clomid I took before made me much moodier... at least that's what I think. You'll have to ask John to get the real scoop. :0)
If my follies are ready tomorrow then I'll come home and John will give me the big shot and then I'll be done with the shots! Not too bad at all! The thought of an "injectable cycle" had me really nervous that I would be giving myself tons of shots. It just sounds scary... injectable cycle.

I'll let you know tomorrow morning how it goes. Fingers crossed and praying hard.
Side note: I'm also praying hard for Leah. She has surgery today. I hope you feel much better soon! Love you!


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