Monday, August 3, 2009

The little green pill

I am 100% certain that a man developed the Estrogen I have to put in an unmentionable area. First, because of where it has to go! Surely a woman would have figured out a way to take it orally. Second, because it's GREEN! Why would you have a tinted tablet? A man would not think of the consequences of such a detail. The injections, however, are going pretty well. John watched me do the one last night and I thought he may get sick. But he stuck it out without fainting. I can do the little ones myself but in 4-10 days (depending on when I have mature follies) he's going to have to give me the big needle to trigger my ovulation. That one has to go in the hip and it's a monster needle. I showed it to John last night and he told me he couldn't do it. I told him he has a few days to prepare but he will HAVE to do it when the time comes. I'm pretty limber but I can't contortion my body to give myself a shot in the rear!

John got home Saturday night at about 11 pm. Tristan's team came in 9th place out of 36 teams from around the country so that's pretty good! I sure was glad to have him home... and so was Lexi. We were laying in the bed when we heard the garage door open. She started jumping around all over the place because she knew her Daddy was home. So cute!

My next appt is Wed morning at 7:45 when they will do an u/s to see how the follies are looking. I'm starting to get a little bloated and my left side is hurting a bit (boo, it's supposed to be the right) so I'm a little nervous about how it's going to look. They say when people do IVF they get so bloated they look like they're about 5 months pregnant! Well isn't that nice! It makes since if you think about it though. Your ovaries about double in size and then usually have around 20 follicles that are 2cm each! That's a lot of mass in a small area!

Wish me luck for Wed!


  1. Good news is that you are so tiny that even if you get bloated you won't be any bigger than me! :) I'll loan you some big girl clothes! haha, just kidding...wishing you nothing but the best. Can't wait to see you on Thursday!


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