Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Doctor's Office is Trying to Kill Me

It's official... My doctor's office is trying to kill me! I talked with Dr. H for a long time and we discussed all of my issues. She saw a bruise on my leg and then asked about how heavy my periods are. After I responded she decided I needed to be checked for some blood disorder. I've been tested for blood disorders before and most of them are usually negative so I wasn't worried too much. I've probably already been tested for whatever this is at some point in the past anyway. I didn't realize until I got back to the lab that the blood test meant THREE additional vials of blood! Judy was back there so I felt pretty good that she would be able to get the blood needed. I was wrong. She got the first vial out of my arm and then it just stopped. She said she couldn't figure out what happened. Then she tried my hand... nothing. She said she can't stick me more than twice so Sissy would have to try now. I warned her that I was only getting stuck 1 more time! Sissy and two other nurses took me back to a room where they laid me down. Judy was looking at my feet as if she may want to stick me there and I quickly told her that wasn't happening! Sissy got me in the arm where Judy had gotten me and she got it first try!! Sissy is GOOD! She got the vials and then asked for an additional vial because she said my blood looks anemic and she wants to check that too. If you're counting that is 5 vials of blood! I'm empty!
To my horror I got a call from the nurse a minute ago saying now they can't even test for the blood disorder because she didn't realize that I am on baby aspirin for my blood clotting issue! So all of that was for NOTHING! They're trying to kill me with a slow, painful death... one vial at a time!
ALSO, I had two cysts on my left ovary that are 2.0cm and 2.5cm respectively. So my E2 may be up and if it is I can't do injections this cycle. BOOO! What a terrible day at the doctor! However, Dr. H thinks that I'll ovulate on the right side this time b/c with injectables it tends to go left, right, left, right. So I hope my E2 is good and I can finally get the right side going. I'll update this afternoon with the blood results! My upcoming Cancun trip is the only thing keeping me going today! :o) I'm so glad my hubby finally gave in!


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