Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Jaime

I went to get my blood work done today because I think I have a UTI. They just took a urine sample and blood work today so I wouldn’t have to come in again tomorrow. Very Nice. When I got there the good blood taker (Judy) was in the lab with the skinny little girl not-so-good blood taker. Judy saw me walk in and smiled at me so I was relieved thinking she remembered me. However, the other girl walked over to me and started tying up my arm. Old Jaime would have just let her try so that she wouldn’t get her feeling hurt but New Jaime was having none of it. I told the nurse that Judy is the only one who gets my vein on the first try and I prefer for her to take it. She looked like she was very offended. She looked at Judy and Judy looked at her… there was an awkward silence. FINALLY, Judy walked over to me and took my blood while the other girl shot daggers from her eyes at me. BUT – Hallelujah – She got it first try again! This may have been a bad move on my part because Judy is retiring next month so the other girl is probably going to hurt me on purpose now. But at least I stood up for myself (and my arm). To top it all off I even spoke out about my allergy to adhesive... I always get a rash when they put tape on my arm. Even though she did roll her eyes a little she didn't put the tape on me and I'm rash free!

Random note – When I talked about losing my job in a previous post a few people mentioned COBRA. I will not be eligible for COBRA because I can get insurance through John’s work. We’re checking to see if his insurance will cover any of the infertility stuff but I have a feeling it’s not. BOO! So pray hard that I’ll get pregnant over the next few months!!

The results are in: My progesterone was >41 (41 is as high as their machine will count.) To put this in perspective… >5 means you ovulated, >10 is good, >15 is excellent and what they would like to see; I was >41! Definitely good news~ If you're counting that is good news 3 times in a row! Pray that I will get my 4th one in a week when I have my pregnancy blood test scheduled!



  1. I dont know if I can pray any harder than I have been, but I will try!!!

  2. oh do keep me posted, love you and your ovaries!


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