Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slick Willy

Lexi went outside this afternoon sans leash for a little freedom. She usually stays pretty close to home but of course she decided to run all over the neighborhood. We spent at least an hour chasing her as she ran through bushes and mud puddles. I finally cornered her and she was covered in dirt. Tristan and I took her off to the bath. I had just finished lathering her up when I turned around to get the cup to rinse her off. At just that moment she jumped out of the tub. She has never jumped out of the tub so I wasn't expecting to try to thwart that mission. So there she is running all over the house head to toe covered in soap with Tristan chasing behind her. We would get her cornered and then she would slip right through our hands like a greased pig! We were rolling around laughing. We did finally grab her after she had shaken soap everywhere! Lesson learned: close the door to the bathroom while giving Lexi a bath!


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