Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two Tickets to Paradise!

You read that correctly! I finally talked John into taking a trip to Cancun! YAY! They have a special for airfare that ends today so I sat him down last night and said, "We're going!" He gave his usual reply... "but what if you're pregnant." For two years I have either thought this myself or he has said it to me. I'm tired of putting my life on hold in case I might be pregnant. If I'm pregnant then I'm pregnant. So.... we're going 9/10-9/14! We're staying at an All Inclusive Resort in Cancun. All meals, all beverages, all activities are included. I can't wait! (Sorry Jess! The putt-putt courses in Myrtle Beach sound very enticing but Cancun won by a slight margin.) If anybody else wants to go it would be much more fun with some friends!!!
We originally were planning to go to Canada to see his family this fall. However, we can't make it work with Tristan's schedule and it would be too sad to go without her. She starts back to school next week and only has one day off until Thanksgiving. It's too expensive to try to go up there for only 3 days so we had to scratch the trip. :(
That's when my mind turned to Cancun. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for deals and finally ran across the airfare deal. It's only $79 one way to fly from Atl to Cancun! Since airfare is what usually costs the most we got our trip for a great deal! Now that we have booked the trip I probably will end up being pregnant this month but that will be fine with me! I can still eat some great food and relax on the beach at 7 weeks pregnant!


  1. I am going right after you - I will be there September 16-21st! Reschedule :)

  2. Oh man! We almost decided to go that weekend! That would have been awesome! You reschedule!

  3. September 15th mean anything to you? Well not anymore but please remember that I will probably work 72 hours straight while you are laying on the beach!

  4. Good for you! Hope ya'll have a blast!

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