Thursday, September 3, 2009

The “Big, Fat, Scary, OMG this thing is longer than you are wide” Needle

John had to give me the hcg trigger last night. He was at poker with the guys and had to come home to give it to me at 10:30pm. I’m sure when he told the guys he had to come home to give me the “big needle” they had something else in mind! Haha!
It was not bad at all and didn’t hurt. The worst part was the anticipation. John looked like he was going to get sick and that made me a little nervous. But by the time he got home I had everything prepared so that he walked in the door, I had the shot in my hand and lead him to the living room to do it. He didn’t have a lot of time to examine the needle and get too nervous about it. There was some hesitation because he wanted to pinch up some skin but I told him he couldn’t. It had to go in the muscle and when you pinch up skin you’re really pinching up fat! He was scared it was going to go all of the way through me and out the other side. “Thanks for the compliment baby but I am a lot thicker than two inches.”
Next step is IUI tomorrow morning and then I’m officially in the 2WW!

7 days until Cancun!
2 days until Alabama football! RTR



  1. Can I tell you that I cringed through that whole story? You're so brave! And so is John! :) Praying for you about tomorrow.

  2. I'm praying hard! ANd that story made me laugh! Love y'all!


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