Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feeling the love from my right ovary

Another good day at the doctor's office! My 16mm and 13mm on the right grew to 18mm and 15mm! Wahoo! My 18mm on the left is almost 21mm so it's ready to pop! Some 16mm follicles will go on to produce pregnancies so hopefully by the time I trigger tonight the 15mm will be a 16mm and I'll have two chances!! Yay!
So I trigger tonight and then we'll do an IUI on Friday morning. So exciting! This will be the best 2ww ever! We're leaving for a beach trip Friday afternoon and coming back Monday. Then we'll work two days and leave out Thursday morning for Cancun! We'll be back on Monday and I have my blood test scheduled for Wed! These two weeks are going to fly by!!
They drew my blood today and it went very well. I did about 300 jumping jacks and they laid me down on the table for the first try. She got it without digging! That's the recipe for success! Jumping Jacks and lying down! They did a 'fasting draw" and tested my insulin and some other stuff.
Lab results are in: Estrogen = 535 and P4 = .5! Those are good #'s so we're sticking with the plan! Also my insulin level and CBC were normal! Yay!

8 days until Cancun!!
3 days until Alabama football!! RTR!!


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