Thursday, September 24, 2009

Folly Check

Good morning to all! I'm feeling pretty hopeful about this cycle! I had a folly check this morning and I had a 15, 13, 11mm and three smaller ones on the left. Booo! BUT - I also had a 12mm and a 9mm on the right with two additional smaller ones. Since my left side is growing faster than the right she said I can go ahead and start the other injection tonight to keep me from ovulating. This will hopefully mean that my two follicles on the right will have time to grow to maturity! YAY! And MAYBE even one of the smaller ones on the right will catch up too. I've discovered that when I have terrible blood work at the beginning of my cycles that I will usually ovulate on the right side that month and it will be early. Like last month I ovulated on Day 11. This month I had great blood work results and I'm on Day 10 with no hint of an ovulation for at least 3 or 4 days and technically should be ovulating from the left side. However, my doc is telling my body that it's not going to happen that way this month! I think it has to be better for the follicles to mature at a slow and steady pace. So hopefully I'll have two lovely follicles that have matured slowly and one ...or two :)... will get fertilized and turn into a pregnancy! Also my lining was already at 7.5mm so in 3-4 days it should be well above the 8mm my doc likes to see! One more bit of good news is that the other cyst appears to have ruptured too. I was in terrible pain last night so I guess it happened then. It looked weird like it was delfating and there was A LOT of fluid around it. So hopefully the cysts aren't a problem anymore.

The NP wanted me to come back in Sunday for another folly check but I talked her into asking Dr. H if Monday would be ok. I'm not going to ovulate anyway b/c I'm taking medicine that won't let me. So we'll have 4 days of uncertainty about what's going on in there unless she calls back later today to say that Dr. H won't allow it. Since I'm growing 10 potential follicles, and my cysts are out of the way, this month could have actually been a good month for IVF. So I won't be blindsided if I get a call back saying they want to convert to IVF this cycle.

Nonfertility related news - I'm taking mom to the Alabama vs. Arkansas game this weekend! Can you believe she lives in Tuscaloosa and has never been to a game?! Let's hope it's a good one! ROLL TIDE!


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