Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Grades

I got a call back from my nurse saying that I can wait until Monday to come back in for a scan. She didn't mention IVF so I didn't bring it up. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for that anyway. So we should know something after my appt at 7:45 Monday morning. Side note... a lot of my friends have asked me how I remember all of the details like follicle size and lining thickness. First off, I'm good with numbers. But secondly, I get to see the scans! She turns the screen around so I can see just as if it was pregnancy ultrasound. It's been very helpful because I'll sometimes have different nurses do the scans and they don't know where a cyst was or how big. I'll quickly tell them all of the stats of my ovaries for the last several months. Most women never know the workings of their reproductive systems. While it is quite fascinating, I hope none of you ever have to know as much as I do.

Just as my ovaries have been getting good grades lately so has a certain lovely sixth grader I know. She has all A's so far in all of her classes. We're so proud of her. I think John is going to do something special with her this weekend to celebrate. She deserves it!


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