Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Cannoli

I got my hcg trigger shot yesterday morning at 8 am and she said I would ovulate about 36 hours later. That means six follicles on the left and two on the right are all going to rupture at the same time tonight! I just started freaking out about this now as my left side has started with the stabbing pains. I ovulated three on one side before and that was quite painful so I can't imagine how bad tonight is going to be! I'm trying to stay positive since two on the left and one on the right were smaller. But they will still rupture even though they're not quite mature. A follicle is technically a "functioning cyst". It will rupture at ovulation and hopefully go away but most women only have one. The doctor did give me some pain medicine so hopefully I'll be ok. I'll let you know tomorrow...



  1. Wow! That sounds terrible...I hope tonight isn't too bad!

  2. Awe JZ! Do I need to come and take care of you?? I hope it wasn't too horrible! Praying for you!

  3. I can really appreciate your pain. I went through 5 miscarriages after
    the birth of my son, and never had anymore children. What I know now
    could have changed all of that.
    Have you consulted a naturopath?
    Let me know if you want a referral;
    All the Best and God Bless,


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