Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another morning at Brookwood Hospital

I didn't learn very much at my dr's appt this morning. One of the cysts on the left side has apparently ruptured so I had a lot of fluid around my ovary. I did have a few small follicles on both sides but they're not really big enough to measure yet or decide if they will grow into mature follies. I go back on Thursday to see how many decide to start growing. I do still have one cyst on the left that is about 2cm.

LL asked about my crafty artwork. Well LL - it's the idea you had. I covered some canvas with scrapbook paper. I still need to get a gold pen and trace the outlines of the designs. Once I finish I'll post a pic. :o)

Update on Tristan - The boy apologized to her at school yesterday and said he wouldn't text her anymore. That's a relief!


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