Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy Days

Is it April? No. Do I live in Seattle? No. So why has it rained every day for the past six weeks? Who knows but I'm so sick of rain! I even had a break from it when we went to Cancun and I'm still sick of the rain! I know it's a blessing compared to the drought we had the last several summers but why can't we have a happy in between place? Why is it the Sahara Desert or the Rain Forrest?

John and I had a lazy weekend... mostly due to the rain. I did have a crafty moment and made some artwork for the dining room. Saturday we watched football all day (Roll Tide) and we made some gameday goodies.

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow to check my follicles. We need to see A) If the cysts are still there or have grown B) If I have any follicles on the right side and C) If my left side is going faster than the right. If both sides have follicles but the left side is going faster then she's going to give me another injectable drug to keep the left side from ovulating so the right side can catch up. Science is so fascinating! But isn't that just what I need.... another shot everyday?

Tristan is in full swing boy mode! Like I mentioned before she has a boyfriend. Well now she has a stalkerish boy who won't leave her alone. He texted her all weekend and said things like she's "hot" over and over. Then he said that he was going to beat up her boyfriend so she could be his girlfriend! Who knew we would have to deal with this kind of stuff in 6th Grade people?? Since Tristan's mom works at the school I think she's going to try to talk to him if he doesn't leave her alone. Pray that she will be a good girl so that we won't spend countless nights worrying about her through the teenage years!


1 comment:

  1. Keep her off the slide and you'll be just fine. :)
    What kind of art work did you make?? Pics please.
    Love you bunches!


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