Sunday, September 27, 2009


This weekend my mom went with me to her first Alabama football game. It rained for a couple of hours before the game and my mom doesn't like to get wet! So my dad was teasing her about how it was going to rain the whole game and she would look like a wet rat. I have to say Mom was looking a bit worried even though she was putting on a brave face.

My dad took us over to my uncle's tailgating party with some of the fam. We stayed there for a while waiting for the rain to ease. It started getting close to game time so my dad offered to drop us off as close to the stadium as he could. It was still about 1/2 mile walk. At this point it was still pouring rain so we put on our ponchos and braved the rain. After just a few minutes of walking the clouds parted and it didn't rain another drop the rest of the day! God decided that it was five minutes till kick off and time to stop the rain and play some football!! It turned out to be the best weather for a game! Not too hot, not too cold... perfect! Here's a pic of us in the rain, then of the stadium and a pic right before we left.

Final score: Alabama 35 Arkansas 7



  1. Aren't you two cute! So glad you didn't have to go the game in the rain!!

  2. I, too, am very glad y'all didn't get wet! So glad y'all had fun! Love you!

  3. I'm glad you didn't get wet, but even happier Alabama didn't lose...Jackie can come back any time :)


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