Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three's a Crowd- updated

Just got back from the doctor's office and I had three cysts! THREE! Two on the left and one on the right. The NP said that Dr. H usually recommends a rest cycle with birth control pills for people with 3 or more cysts. She's going to wait until my blood work comes back and then talk with Dr. H about all of my issues. I have several options for next month (or maybe this month if Dr. H will let me.) I can up my dosage of the injectables so that I will produce 5 to 6 follicles which will increase my chance for pregnancy but also increase my chance for multiples. I'll take twins if I can get them!! I could also go directly to IVF. They start every cycle of IVF with birth control pills anyway so I wouldn't really be wasting a cycle. I guess we'll see what Dr. H says this afternoon.

On to better news... or maybe not better news... Tristan has a boyfriend! Yes our 6th grade sweetheart has a BOYFRIEND! AGH! John handled it pretty well. Tristan told him about the boy and he asked where he lived so he could go rough him a bit. :o) She didn't think that was very funny though. I hope that the word boyfriend just means holding hands every now and then. We're definitely not ready for kissing!

2:45 - Dr. just called. I officially have the weirdest body ever! My FSH was 6.7 and E2 was 32! That's the lowest they've ever been! She said since my labs were so good that we can try another injectable cycle. She also said IVF is not an option for this cycle due to the cysts. I would love to take a break but I'm so scared that my eggs are going bad. I would never forgive myself if we didn't try IVF for 6 months b/c I wanted a break and they tell me my eggs are bad and will never be able to have a biological child. So I'm starting another round tomorrow! She didn't want to increase my dosage due to the cysts so I'm still on the low dose and trying to get something going on the right side.... Here we go again!
Here are some pics from the trip. I already want to go back!


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  1. No, she does not have a boyfriend! She's growing up too fast.


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