Monday, October 12, 2009

He Caved

John will try to tell you that he didn't cave but he did! I woke up yesterday morning and all symptoms of pregnancy were gone. All of the signs I had gotten a few days earlier had disappeared! So I sadly told John and he responded "Well take a test." He says that since he didn't actually give me the test that he didn't cave. But he gave me the green light so I went up to his bathroom and found the tests in a drawer... great hiding spot! I did take the test and it of course was negative. BOO! I went to my blood test this morning because I'm on progesterone to keep me from getting my period and I can't stop taking it until I get a negative blood test. Those results should be in around noon so I'll be able to stop the meds and should start a new cycle tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm not sure what I want to do. Maybe one more injectable cycle and if it doesn't work then take a month break and do IVF in January. Or we could go straight to IVF. I just hate that we're going to have to pay so much money to HOPEFULLY be able to achieve something that most women can do for free. It's so frustrating!

Tristan left yesterday at 3 to go see her Nana but John is supposed to get her back at around noon. It's Columbus Day so she's out of school and he's off work. I am not so lucky! He's planning to take her bowling and out to eat as her reward for all A's. She's still on the not eating anything I make kick so I didn't make the fondue. She also doesn't like to shop so I couldn't buy her a new outfit which was my backup plan. Maybe in another year or so she'll grow into the shopping.
Yesterday we were watching America's Next Top Model and Tristan started trying to do a runway walk. It was really funny. So I got up and tried to teach her how to swing those hips and even John get in on the action. I took some video of them strutting their stuff but John said he would beat me if I posted it. Maybe I can sneak it on later.... so funny!

Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family!


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