Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming -updated w/ pics

Happy Birthday Kristine!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

A couple of important things happened this weekend. First, on Friday night John met Ben, Tristan's boyfriend. Tristan went to the Hoover vs Vestavia game with a lot of her friends and John decided to go with a friend of his while I was at dinner with the girls. When Tristan saw him there he said she made the "OMG why is my dad here" face. She was sitting beside Ben so John walked up to talk to them. John said that Ben stood up and shook his hand and seemed really, really nervous. What a milestone... John met the first of most likely many, many boyfriends to come.

Saturday the Alabama Crimson Tide welcomed the #22 ranked University of South Carolina for Homecoming. My fabulous friend Rachel gave us tickets to the game. We were a little nervous that we would freeze during the game so we made sure to layer well. John only had on a pair of jeans so I suggested he put on some thermals. He said he didn't have any so I found a pair of stretchy tights that he wore. If only I could have snuck a quick picture... let's just say it's a good thing we're not trying to make a baby this month. Those were some skin tight pants! When we got to our seats we were pleasantly surprised that the wind was blocked in our area so it turned out to be a pretty nice game!

Before the game. I have on 4 layers of clothes!

The band getting us fired up for the game!

Saban and the boys heading toward the field!

During the game when it was a little colder!

Final score: Alabama 20 South Carolina 6

Today was a little less eventful. I made a big pot of soup and cleaned while John had a soccer game. After that we went to a movie.

Roll Tide!

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