Monday, October 26, 2009

Nail Biter

Friday afternoon I went to see my rheumatologist. The appt went well and he said that the carpal tunnel is not from the Lupus but from the repetitive motion from my job. He said he didn't have to do a nerve study; that I definitely have it. He said my only options are to wear a brace everyday at work or surgery. I'm not thrilled about having ANOTHER surgery so I'm just going to be "that girl" who wears a brace at work! I then went down to the lab where the lady wanted not one, not two, not even three, but SEVEN vials of blood! I told her my usual speech of hard stick and moving veins. She seemed quite confident in herself and said she was "trained to deal with that." Two sticks and five minutes of digging later she had to call over another nurse to help her. Not only did she miss my only good vein but then she blew the vein in my hand. I told her that there was no way she would ever get 7 vials out of my hand but she wouldn't listen. The second lady came over and actually said a prayer over my arm for the Lord to help her! I said a prayer too! He must have been listening because she got me first stick! Good thing I don't have to go back there for another year!
On a brighter note Friday night we found out when Mom and Dad Z would be coming down to see us! They're coming Nov 7th - Nov 17th! YAY! We're so excited! Now all I need to do is scrub my entire house ceiling to floor! Any volunteers to help? haha

Saturday I went to the Alabama vs Tennessee game with Rachel. It was a nail biter! With 4 seconds left in the game we were winning 12-10 but Tennessee was in field goal territory. Here's the scenario... If they make the field goal we will lose 12-13. OMG! Imagine 90,000 people screaming as loud as they can! We take a time out to ice the kicker. The anticipation is killing us! More screaming. The kicker sets up, ball is placed, he kicks, ball is up..... it's blocked!!! It's blocked!!! Somehow 350 lb. "Mount" Cody broke through the line, flung himself in the air and blocked the kick! We win!

While all of that was happening... Tristan and John were at softball. Tristan's team won the first two games easily but then lost the third. Sunday they had another game and fell to the same team. Tristan wanted to stay and watch the rest of the tournament with her friends so John and I went home. Actually... I went to meet my friend Gloria (a.k.a. G-slo) and her boyfriend, Matt, for lunch who were in town this weekend from Houston, TX. It was so good seeing them! Maybe there will be wedding bells so I can see them again soon!



  1. I love the ending to your post! Maybe I should forward the link to him?

  2. I love the ending too! Glo, I have a good feeling!
    God is good! I'm glad the 2nd lady got it first try! Bless your heart and your arms!
    Love you!


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