Friday, October 16, 2009

Supper Club - October Edition

Our monthly Supper Club dinner was last night and my was it delicious!! This month it was at Christie's house and she prepared chicken enchiladas. The other Jaime (yes she does spell her name the same as mine) brought a mexican style salad and I made jalapeno poppers and s'mores for desert. It was a YUMMY night. Christie also made Sangria's that were tasty! It was a fun night with some fun girls... just what I needed. Here's a picture of 6 of the 8 of us. Two girls wouldn't get in the picture. No fun! Back row left to right: Christie, Kellie, Jaime, Carrie. Front row: Stacey and Me.

Since I will be unable to talk about fertility related news for the next few weeks you'll have to settle for updates on our day to day activities. John and I are sometimes quite boring so I may not write every day but I'll fill you in with some highlights. As promised in a previous post, the below is a picture of the artwork I made. It's just two small canvases covered in scrapbook paper on each side of the china cabinet. I didn't get the gold pen yet to trace the outlines of the designs so try to imagine that in the finished product.

Please keep my Great Aunt Ann in your prayers. She had an 80% blockage in her heart but is on the road to recovery now.

Finally, John and I are going to the Alabama Homecoming game Saturday night. Exciting! I'll post some pictures this weekend! Roll Tide!



  1. Love the artwork!!!
    Call me about Tuscaloosa! I hope to see you! And I hope it is not raining!

  2. I think we need some up-close artwork shots! Go crafty girl!


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