Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last night John started tearing out the kitchen floor! YIKES! It's a total mess right now and I'm sure will only get worse! BUT - we should have a new kitchen floor by the time Mom and Dad Z leave. I'll post pics when it's done! While that was going on I hung some artwork over the bed in the guest bedroom. I was quite challenged with what I should do to this room. It's purple! Light purple on top and a darker purple at the bottom to be exact. Our house consists of warm colors... browns, reds, gold. But I obviously can't decorate this room in those colors. We don't want to paint the room because it will be the baby's room at some point. We'll want to paint it depending on the gender of the child we conceive. So we don't want to paint it now and paint it again. For now it will remain purple...

2 days until they arrive!!


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